Affiliated Societies

We have 54 Member Societies in 16 Central US States, and 5 in Ontario, Canada. Click on a state for more detail.

Why Should Your Society Join?

MAOC offers the following benefits to local societies:

  • Standardized show schedule of classes for use in orchid shows
  • Provides list of Intergeneric Orchid Classifications used to register plants for shows
  • A free CD of Gerda Ferrington’s ORCHID NAMES: A PRONUNCIATION GUIDE
  • The Congress, an organization of societies, not of individuals, provides a forum to address issues of interest to societies.

MAOC offers the following benefits to members of local societies:

  • Receive all issues of the MID-AMERICAN. This newsletter reports the activities of the Mid-America Orchid Congress meetings, exchanges ideas on various subjects affecting local orchid society as discussed at the Affiliated Societies Breakfast and highlights activities of local orchid societies.

Orchid societies should support education and conservation projects. As a member of MAOC your society would assist in funding the development of orchid collections and research projects:

  • Collections:

  • The McNeeley Orchid Collection-Como Park, St. Paul MN
  • The Wheeler Orchid Collection-Ball State, Muncie, IN
  • The Cleveland Botanical Garden, Cleveland, OH
  • State Botanical Garden of Kentucky (hardy orchid garden)
  • Green Bay Botanical Garden (native orchid garden)

  • Research projects:

  • Propagating & re-establishing Calypogon oklahomensis
  • Phal. Orchid Seed Project Virginia Tech
  • Virus & DNA studies at Ball State

  • MAOC welcomes requests from local societies to fund orchid related research and conservation projects.

The cost to be a member of MAOC and participate in these activities is modest: $0.50 per member or $15.00 (whichever is greater)

Why Should I attend a Mid-America Orchid Congress?

This is an opportunity to:

  • Spend a weekend discussing orchid culture with other growers.
  • Discuss trends in orchid hybridizing.
  • Hear internationally recognized speakers.
  • Attend the Affiliated Societies Breakfast. Topic (Spring 2013): MARKETING & ADVERTIZING TO RECRUIT NEW MEMBERS.
  • Feast your eyes on fantastic orchid exhibits.
  • Study the merits of awarded plants.
See you at the Mid-America Orchid Congress!

Does your society have a website? The Communications Committee has adopted a policy of providing a free link to the website of any affiliated society. Contact the webmaster with the correct URL to participate. Participating societies are identified by a change in color.

If your society would like us to help you setup a website, contact the MAOC Webmaster.


  • How to choose a MidAmerica Representative: PDF - Word

Affiliated Societies Committee

As defined in the MAOC By-Laws

The Affiliated Societies Committee shall consist of five (5) or more individuals appointed by the President. The Committee shall:

  • • Work to strengthen communication & liaison among member Societies & to encourage member Societies to become familiar with the activities of the other Committees of the Congress.
  • • Plan the program of the Affiliated Societies Breakfast whenever the Congress meets separately from the other regional or national organization.
  • • Recruit new member Societies & provide such information about the Congress as will encourage formal application for membership in The Mid-America Orchid Congress.
  • • Acknowledge acceptance of a society as a member of The Mid-America Orchid Congress.
  • • Send a copy of the most recent minutes & a copy of the Constitution & By-Laws.

Committee Members

  1. Mary Beth Mansour, Chair contact info

  2. Doris Asher contact info

  3. Roberta Ginavan contact info

  4. Judith Rapacz contact info

  5. Jim Newsome contact info

  6. Russ Tyler contact info