We are an organization of orchid societies dedicated to preservation of orchids in their natural habitats, the propagation of orchids by seed and cuttings, the development of new and better plants through breeding, and providing information to growers who subscribe to our principles. The MAOC holds a meeting and show each Spring and Fall sponsored by one or more of our member societies. We provide internationally recognized speakers on orchid topics and workshops for members of our societies. The public is invited to visit parts of each show with no admission charge. The orchid displays and vendor area--offering a wide variety of plants from around the world--are open to the public. The MAOC sponsors six American Orchid Society judging centers in central US and Canada. We cooperate with the American Orchid Society in training orchid judges, supporting the judging centers, and providing information to individuals who grow and show orchids.

Mid America Orchid Congress funds Orchid Conservation

Doug Goldman’s efforts at propagating and reestablishing Calypogon oklahomensis in existing and in new, suitable habitats.

The MAOC funded the sowing of C. o. seed collected from various populations, especially those populations on the margins of the species range.  Unfortunately, the plants did not grow well under the procedures used by the lab.  The few plants produced and the stored excess seed have been returned to Goldman as well as the MAOC funds.  Goldman will seek to locate another lab using procedures that will result in viable numbers of plants for reintroduction to suitable habitats.

A bit of interesting news involving one of our grant recipients:  The Wheeler Orchid Collection and Species Bank at Ball State University has found a large, potential donor to support building a new facility for the collection.  Construction could begin as soon as spring, 2012.  Additional funds are sought to enhance the new project and establish an endowment to ensure continued financial support for the collection and its conservation goals.

The Conservation Committee invites affiliated societies to submit proposals for funding for conservation projects to Chair Russ Vernon.

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Tom Harper's excellent presentation on MAOC history

In 2009 the MAOC celebrated its 50th anniversary. As part of the celebration, Tom Harper presented the history of the Congress after the banquet. When you read the MAOC Constitution & Bylaws, you find: “The purpose of the Congress is to effect relationships among the Orchid Societies in Mid-North America by meetings devoted to the advancement of knowledge and appreciation of orchids”. That’s a beautiful text and an honorable intention. Indeed, the Congress meetings are about orchids and about orchid growers coming together and learning more about orchids. But there is more… Tom’s presentation shows you how much more there is. Enjoy!

Mid America Orchid Congress in action

New Leaders Elected for Fall 2015 - Fall 2016
President:                    Doug Hartong 
1st Vice President:     Jim Newsome MD 
2nd Vice President:    Alexa Noel 
Treasurer:                    Michelle Little
Secretary:                    Cheryl Erins

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